Site users can be managed from the Users page. Admin can temporarily disable their account by turning Status On/Off or permanently delete them.

{info} User's group can be changed from User - Edit page. By default, a new user is assigned with Members (public) group.


By default, the user's Authentic status is Normal. When a user's status set to Authentic, a blue checkmark can be seen after the user name, denoting a user as Authentic.

User Groups

This is about making multiple user groups and assigns them different permissions for managing different modules throughout the Admin Panel.

Default Groups

3 default groups can't be modified or deleted. Members group users are restricted to Admin Panel, all other group users can access admin panel.

  • Admin

    Super Admin group, have all the permissions on the admin panel.

  • Members

    Public group, this group user can't visit the admin panel. (front-end access only)

  • Editors

    Semi-admin group, this group user can visit the admin panel, depending on the permissions assigned on Manage ACL

{primary} Admin can create unlimited groups according to different needs.

Manage ACL

Manage Access Control List of user groups. Assign the groups permissions to access a modules e.g Messages - View Add Edit Delete operations.

access control list

Assign View | Add | Edit | Delete Permissions

4 types of permissions can be assigned to limit access of different group to each module.

  • View User can view the module or not.
  • Add User can add new data to the module or not.
  • Edit User can modify the existing data in the module or not.
  • Delete User can delete the existing data in the module or not.

{warning} Admin & Members group permissions can't be modified.