This is one of the most interesting features of Anofie Pro. Sometimes you want to know what people think about you in some specific areas. That's where the Questions comes in. Users can ask questions from the people around. Questions can be added from the Messages page by clicking on Add Questions.

Ask Questions


To be more specific about a question, users can also write the Question's status while adding a question. It's like adding a guess about the type of response to expect.

Ask Questions with status


If a user deletes a Question, it can never be restored and all the comments/answers on the Questions will be deleted. So, we've added soft delete option as Hide/Show. When a user Hide the question, it won't be available to the public. And if in case, the user changes their mind, they can change the status to Show and the question will be available again to the public.

{primary} Now, you may be thinking, how people will know about the newly added questions? Forks, keep reading 😎

Hide/show Questions

Profile Page

The Profile page is where users find each other. All the questions get published to the Profile page. And from there, visiting users can write comments on the questions.

{warning} Only registered users can write Comments on Questions

Questions & Comments

Pinned Questions

Pinned refers to Public Questions

When a user posts a comment on Pinned Question, the comment becomes visible to the public. Everyone can see all the comments on the Pinned questions. And the user (question creator), can also post a comment on their questions as a reply.

Un-Pinned refers to Private Questions

When a user posts a comment on the Un-Pinned Question, the comment becomes visible to only Question Creator & Commenter.

The Question Creator can mark their questions as Pinned or Un-Pinned on the Messages page from Received - Comments Tab using the pin icon

{info} By default the newly added questions are Un-Pinned