Social Sharing

Users can share their profile and messages on social media i.e Facebook, Twitter & Whatsapp.

{success} And the best part, messages can be shared in any language Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, etc. (yes!!! we mean any language).

Share on social media in native language

Share Profile

The user profile can be shared from the Messages page. When a user shares their profile on social media, the link of user profile URL e.g or get shared, so that when someone clicks on that post on Social media, they can be redirected directly to the user profile page and from where they can send message or post comment.

Share Profile on social media

Share Message

Users can also share their messages on social media. Also, the messages received with the background frame can be shared along with the background frame.

Share Message on social media

{success} Domain name, site name and site logo in the shared image are dynamic, and works according to the Settings in the Admin Panel.