Anofie Pro comes with an installer that makes the installation process fully automated and smooth as 🍻

Anofie Pro Installer

{info.fa-youtube} A complete video tutorial guide for getting started quickly is Coming Soon

Server Requirements

  • PHP version 7.1 or newer is recommended.
  • Make sure .htaccess is enabled.
  • Required PHP Extensions - Mbstring, BC Math, GMP


  • If installing on the local system, please do not create a database, just enter localhost database credentials & installer will auto-create the new database.
  • Anofie Pro can also be installed on or
  • The captcha & upload directory must be writable
  • After installation if you see something like Error number: 1146 Table settings don't exist or a blank page, just hit refresh.


  1. Download & Unzip the package.

  2. Copy all from the Anofie Pro package folder and paste it into your website directory.

  3. Your website directory should look like this.

    ├── application
    ├── captcha
    ├── install
    ├── system
    ├── themes
    ├── upload
    ├── .htaccess
    └── index.php
  4. Visit to run the installer.

  5. Enter database credentials.

  6. Enter the license key or purchase code.

  7. Choose if you wish to install with or without dummy data.

  8. Click Install to start the installation process.

  9. After the installation successful, PLEASE DELETE THE INSTALL FOLDER

{warning} Make sure .htaccess files exist and not hidden.

Purchased From Codecanyon

If you've purchased Anofie Pro from Codecanyon then follow these simple steps-

  1. Enter Purchase-code as License key in Anofie Pro installer.
  2. Visit, signup as new user and go to Downloads
  3. Click on Purchased from Codecanyon?
  4. In the popup, enter the Purchase-code and submit. You'll see the product in the downloads list.
  5. At last, add the authorize domain. And you're good to go. 👍